An Invitation To Become One

Welcome to the home of Neljor Sa, to heal the planet and to heal ourselves.  A planetary womb to convene as many people and institutions as possible to co-create a harmonic, stable and sustainable form of livelihood, for the material and spiritual welfare of all.  Life is a constant dialogue with our divine self, other human beings, sentient beings and nature.  As our collective consciousness rises as an outcome of healing, we must embrace important responsibilities which this new road demands from all of us.  Healing is an act of mutuality among all forms of life on this planet.  It is not possible that a human being be healthy when our planet is sick.  Healing will come from a beautiful dance between our human collective consciousness and the consciousness of nature, also a live entity.  This dance will bring unity (oneness) of all consciousness into a Metta Consciousness of health and healing. We are committed to bring spirituality into economics, politics, business and public policy making.  Join us in this endeavor, for the benefit of our generation and all future generations.  Let us practice Neljor Sa: Earth Yoga.  

In gratitude and service, 

Dzambling Cho Tab Khen
(Alfredo Sfeir Younis) 

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