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How Tree Varieties Are Selected

Anyone can choose the varieties of trees. It is not just one variety of tree. For example, a community may decide to plant fruit trees of different varieties so that the planting of trees not only meets the healing needs of the planet, but also the economic needs of the community.

Governments can suggest (not top-down) some varieties of trees that they can make available to people for free or at a lower cost. What is important to note here is that there are some varieties of trees that are not suitable for your environment. BUT, this is something that people will have to resolve as a collective. Experience shows that most of the time the people of each locality know very well the trees they want and the varieties that could survive successfully within their own environment. There is no commercial plantation mentality here. These are fundamental planting bases that should be promoted as the community sees fit within its collective healing process.

The land where it will be carried out varies according to the circumstances. It can be a garden, a pasture, a swamp, a forest, a desert, etc. It depends on who is planting and the environments they face when deciding to plant.


In what areas you would like to volunteer?

Who Performs Maintenance

Planting and maintenance is the responsibility of whoever planted the trees, unless an organization such as the government or a private corporation offers to perform those particular services.

The person who planted the trees must continue to interact with them and ensure that they grow and bear fruit, both collectively and personally. It is about you and your contribution to the healing and peace of the world.

The Role of Different Actors

Local and international NGOs can be directly involved in financing, seedling distribution and tree planting programs. In addition, they can offer technical assistance and infrastructure facilities to carry out local programs.

Governments could play a vital role if they can understand the true purpose of such a program: collective healing and collective peace. Each tree is an instrument of healing and peace. It is not just money. Governments could provide free land and also seedlings of the species desired by the people to be planted on their land.

Local churches and religious groups have proven extremely effective in mobilizing and helping local communities. They should be fully involved in helping in the monitoring and maintenance of these programs.

The private sector can effectively support these programs in their entirety. For example, making millions of seedlings of fruit trees, native trees, etc. available free of charge. Corporations can take responsibility for highly eroded areas where commercial plantations can be the solution. The private sector must make an effort not to displace local communities.

The Super Network


All actors in a community, a country or an entire region can form super networks of mutual support and assistance. This will have a huge impact on healing and collective peace. An example may be the AxP Program for Latin America. A program of this type can have a single super network capable of planting as many trees as there are inhabitants of the region. In this way, it is also possible for super networks to be formed between regions.

Time Frame and Next Critical Steps


The program must start now, with the indicative vision that it is about peace and not forestry development. The execution of the program is carried out until the objective has been reached, which could hopefully be completed in just a couple of years.

For the program to be successful, the foundational and only step necessary is a great spiritual blessing. Each individual or each community can receive it from now on in their own spiritual tradition or faith.



Please do not search for phone numbers, addresses, websites, guides, leaders, followers, money, or any hierarchical organizational framework in order to participate. Just plant your peace trees.

I call on all citizen organizations, foundations, governments, communities … to join this program of healing the planet.

Alfredo Sfeir Younis (Dzambling Cho Tab Khen)
President and Founder
The Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation (ZIHT)

February 2021

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