To My Beloved Master and Spiritual Father Lama Gangchen

Dzambling Cho Tab Khen

July 7th, 2022

When the morning rises, I experience your light, side by side that of the sun.

When the night comes, I experience your light, again, side by side, that of the moon.

This Light of lights shines within my inner being, and guides me in my outer reality.

If I could turn the clock backwards, I would be at your side, quietly and mindful. 

If I could move the planets, I would absorb the sacred geometry of your eternal life.

Your inner existence guides me daily.

There is not a moment that I do not immerse myself in your infinite teachings.

There is not a moment that I do not listen to your inner voice and wisdom.

You are here, moment after moment, showing me the path.

I remember when we met, and I knew immediately you were my Teacher and Guru.

I remember when we met, and you created a huge and impeccable rainbow.

To remember every moment together, brings peace into my soul.

Your teachings are the most precious jewels on Mother Earth.

Your love is the most powerful engine moving my entire life.

My love to you and the respect for your wisdom are unconditional.

Today, I am walking the path we agreed upon, honoring every step of the way.

Today, I am bringing many of your eternal messages into the public domain.

‘My today’ is ‘Our today’, committed to construct a new future for humanity.

In my moments of deep silence, I transcend into your Tushita Land.

In moments of mindfulness, I focus my total attention to your warm heart.

You enrich my life moment to moment.

I hope I will be here when you come back, and hold you as you held me infinite times.

I hope I will be an instrument of your next reincarnation, for the benefit of humanity.

My hope is empowered by the inner experiences with you.

Happy Birthday Beloved Lama.

Happy Birthday Beloved Healer.

Happy Birthday Beloved Master of Masters.

Happy Birthday Beloved Spiritual Father.

Dzambling Cho Tab Khen

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