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Let’s save the planet

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For sustainable development to become a reality and we be able to tackle climate change on a planetary basis – because there is no other way – we need to make ourselves great champions of collective values: interdependence, solidarity, cooperation, love, compassion, justice, equity. Without these values, it is impossible for there to be sustainable development.

Trees for Peace is an individual and collective responsibility. There is only one planet and only one humanity.

To achieve our state of collective peace we should consider the following:

  • First , peace is a state of Being and, as such, it must be self-realized within ourselves. There is no level of material wealth that can buy peace. Inner peace is a condition for collective peace.
  • Second, there will be no inner peace unless we enter into a self-healing process. Healing of anger, deprivation, insecurity, emotional instability, negativity…. This healing is a condition for inner peace and inner peace is, in turn, a condition for collective peace.
  • Third, collective peace does not refer only to the human being. It is about the peace of all sentient beings. It is about the peace of all living beings and all sentient beings. This is the real meaning of collective peace.
  • Fourth, a healing process can be treated by traditional means and directed directly towards the person who needs the healing, or else, this healing process can occur to the same person through the healing of another person or another sentient being ( another living being).

Healing is located within the collective dimension in a global way. Therefore, it goes beyond an individual or all human beings. It also includes nature, all living beings and all sentient beings. In this sense, healing belongs to an infinite plane of consciousness, to individuals, actions, and environments. Therefore, it is possible to heal oneself either by the healing of other human beings, by the healing of nature (environment), or by the healing of sentient beings. This is one of the most important ingredients in the expansion of true wisdom and the essential mechanism behind a healing process.

This is how this proposal is based, for example, on the fact that one can heal oneself, achieve inner peace and, in the end, achieve collective peace through the healing of nature. Therefore, it is important to share with everyone the news that we can heal ourselves through the healing of animals or nature in general.


In what areas you would like to volunteer?

The Trees for Peace (hereinafter WxD) aims to be a global program of healing dual purpose, both humanity and nature through the healing of nature. That is : by healing one you will heal the other and, through the healing of another, you will heal yourself.

The foundation of this program is based on the premise that we can achieve collective peace, world peace, by healing nature. The opposite is also true: if we don’t heal nature, it is really impossible to heal ourselves.

It is essential to keep in mind that this is a proposal that stems from experience and not from theory, although there is not a lot of scientific evidence that this is the case. We have to try and only then will we be able to see the results. This result is possible through the inclusion of a fundamental spiritual law: The Law of Interdependence. Everyone and everything is interdependent. The genetic codes of human beings (a) are interdependent with each other, (b) are interdependent with all the genetic codes of nature (all living beings), and (c) are interdependent with all the genetic codes of the spirit (that is that is, they must be close to the architecture of our “missions” in this life).

To establish a simple yet effective way to heal people and the Earth – and based on some unique experiences of healing drug addicts and people with depression through the healing of nature – it is proposed to plant everything kinds of tree varieties. This is not forestry. This is not reforestation. This is not development. This is not about material progress, although these actions can have an impact in this area.

This is about the collective healing of nature and humanity. The goal here is collective peace through internal and external healing and should not be confused with other programs. The idea is to contribute to the achievement of collective peace through the planting of trees equal to the number of people who inhabit planet Earth. That is, between 7 and 8 billion trees. As we approach that amount, nature will be a tremendous tool for our healing and inner peace and, therefore, will create the conditions for collective peace.

Collective healing will bring collective peace. As simple as that!

Our collective vehicle


Most human transformation systems are based on instruments that are oriented towards an individual level. The healing of someone from a certain disease, for example, is often carried out by means of prescriptions and methods defined for that particular individual. Healing is a localized phenomenon. An example is if someone cuts a finger or has a headache. In this case, all actions are oriented to that particular individual.

Healing, on the other hand, is not a localized phenomenon. It is a process that must go far beyond the need of the person who needs to be healed. Very often, when we refer to healing, we refer to aspects such as anger, deception, depression, fear, etc. Based on very practical experiences, in order to face these types of states, we must go far beyond the individual himself. The healing process could include the whole family (as suggested by family constellation therapy), it could go beyond the processes and aspects of this particular life, or it could be related to the environment as a whole (including human and natural environments). The development of environmental medicine demonstrates the great importance of including thequality of the environment -as a decision variable- in how it deals with all kinds of diseases.

The challenge today is to find processes and instruments of human transformation that are truly and truly collective in nature. In other words, the future well-being of humanity is found in – and depends on – the creation of a “ collective vehicle ”. This is a vehicle in which everyone and everything is included – us as part of the environment and the environment as part of us. In particular, being at peace with ourselves will never really materialize unless we are at peace with nature. One is component / part / integral and indivisible dimension of the other.

The importance of building this collective vehicle is reinforced by realizing the great limitation that we have in self-realizing collective values . These values ​​are what should sustain humanity in this new millennium. It is clear that individualistic and material-based values ​​are often successfully attained, even at the expense of the deterioration of the collective welfare. One of the reasons for this is that we successfully operate in the realm of another vehicle, which can be called the small vehicle . Thus, individual values such as competence, achievement, success, exclusion… are possible due to the quality of this small vehicle.In us. This vehicle is driven by knowing, having and doing. Many words are used to express this small vehicle : intelligence, memory …

However, the absence of this collective vehicle is limiting us in the self-realization of our collective values . In particular in the values ​​that are more difficult to achieve such as love, compassion, care, sharing, solidarity, equity, justice, freedom, interdependence, security, peace … In order to self -to realize these values ​​is that we need to build the correct instrument: the collective vehicle .

One way to build this collective vehicle is through the self-realization of collective peace. It will be through the achievement of collective peace that we will achieve all other collective values. In essence, experience shows that it is impossible to achieve collective peace without, for example, achieving collective justice, collective freedom at the same time… This is the new paradigm for the achievement of collective peace: the paradigm of self-realization. of collective peace through collective healing and inner peace and, these two, through the healing of nature. It is through the healing of nature that we will make a significant contribution to the construction of this collective vehicle. This construction is essential for all the goals and objectives stated above.

Indeed, the contribution of this AxP program will materialize through the planting of the number of trees equivalent to the number of people that inhabit the planet today. AxP is just one of a series of complementary programs aimed at building the collective vehicle for collective human transformation.

Who is responsible


Each individual or organization is responsible for the planting of these trees.

AxP is not just geared towards governments or businesses. It is a design where everyone can participate, whether as isolated individuals, as part of a family or as part of a local organization. All actors in all their roles must be part of this tree planting program.

Some examples to illustrate the different possibilities:

  • First, you could personally plant a tree in the back of the house or in a good container within an apartment or room where you live. Or I, as a parent, could plant five trees to include my immediate family. If I don’t have the land to do it, I could ask the neighbors or the local authorities for permission to find a place where I could plant the trees. There are hundreds of tree planting programs that would happily welcome your contribution. If you don’t have time, you can contact a tree planting program and make a contribution to planting several trees. However, you must make sure that the trees were planted.
  • Second, you can join your local community and make a joint decision to plant the number of trees equal to your community. This will open the dialogues and promote the instruments that will ultimately clearly improve the collective vehicle of your community. You may also decide to join a non-governmental organization (NGO) that specializes in these types of programs.
  • Third, government authorities can decide to open land for tree planting programs. These governments can join forces with individuals, non-governmental organizations or corporations to plant thousands of trees to reach the national goal equivalent to the number of people in that particular country.
  • Fourth, companies can plant trees equal to the number of people who work there. Similarly, a ministry of a given government, or the government as a whole, can plant trees equivalent to the respective number of employees.
  • Finally, taking into account the capacity that is in the hands of governments or in the hands of the private sector, large companies can contribute to the achievement of national objectives. It should be noted that this type of corporate program must consider the type of plantation and the varieties of trees that would benefit the community in general and not use this program for personal interests and benefits. Such an attitude will limit the construction of the collective vehicle. What’s more, it will have the opposite effect.

In a word, there is room for all kinds of networks and coalitions in order to achieve the contribution required for the healing of our planet and the obtaining of collective peace.

To heal the planet sow a seed of peace

Participate in this planetary revolution called by Alfredo Sfeir-Younis

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