The Zambuling Institute for Human Transformation

Our main objective is to create a global grassroots forum on human rights and human responsibilities, and an all-encompassing spirituality in public policies and business.

ZIHT is asking all of us to address various planetary challenges. The call is for Global Citizens to take positive actions through collaborative relationships with nature, with the view to amplify all voices interested in a prosperous and sustainable life on planet earth.

Alfredo Sfeir Younis

Dzambling Cho Tab Khen - President , ZIHT


It is essential that economics serves humanity and not that humanity serves economics. The latter is a new form of modern slavery. Shifting towards spiritual economics – i.e., the economics of love, compassion, solidarity, cooperation, dignity, caring, sharing, peace and security-- is a very powerful way to human collective freedom.

Alfredo Sfeir Younis - Dzambling Cho Tab Khen

The Power of Knowledge

Conscious Sustainability Leadership

A New Paradigm For Next Generation Leaders

Ecología Para Niños

Ecology for Children. Infinite gratitude to the Divine, who through colors and images, will create the space to transform the consciousness of a generation that deserves and has the right to a clean environment.

Sustentabilidad Ahora

Sustainability Now. I share here some thoughts that I presented during the 2013 presidential campaign: The Other Way.

Peace Now

This book is dedicated to the children who died and are dying as a result of war.

Act Now

This book is dedicated to all human beings who act to create a better environment for all forms of life in this Planet.

Sharing Experience

The Passing Away of The Greatest Master and Healer H.H. TYS Lama Gangchen Tulku Rimpoche

Dearest Lama Michel, Lama Caroline, and Sangha at Large Like all of you, I am deeply touched by the departure from His...

Alfredo Sfeir describes as “a communication dictatorship” the television strip of the plebiscite

Citizens and independents should have the same time or more than political parties.

Alfredo Sfeir spoke from the environmental policy to yoga to the children of Sename

The former presidential candidate was visiting Concepción to analyze “ecosocialism”, and also analyzed the challenges that the new Minister of the Environment will have.

Children and workers of the Entre Silos protection center learned meditation with Alfredo Sfeir

The ancient technique of meditation contributes to mental and emotional well-being by enhancing people’s positive thinking.

Alfredo Sfeir: “Campaigns should be financed by the State”

The former candidate for President of the Republic pointed out that neither people nor companies should finance politics.

Candidacies and energy: “The programs are not up to the level of the conflict facing the country”

Alfredo Sfeir’s support for Michelle Bachelet served as a prelude to the debate between the candidate of the New Majority and Evelyn Matthei last Friday, amid criticism from the Green Ecologist Party against two candidates that, in the opinion of the PEV, represent the same model ” predator”.

Alfredo Sfeir does not rule out the possibility of being Bachelet’s minister

Sfeir declared that “The community is asking me to speak, and this was the opportunity,” clarifying that it was Bachelet’s command that had the first approach and no signal has been given on Matthei’s part.

Alfredo Sfeir on the Ministry of the Environment: “Wehave to think, talk and see what happens”

Thinking and dialogue are the two aspects that the former presidential candidate of the Green Ecologist Party, Alfredo Sfeir, will consider when faced with a possible position as Minister of the Environment. The former candidate expressed, on the SoyChile website, that he will analyze the points of convergence, after learning about the campaign on Facebook that calls for his appointment to the portfolio.

Alfredo Sfeir: “We are going to take a turn at the helm”

The presidential candidate of the Green Ecologist Party (PEV), Alfredo Sfeir, arrived this Sunday at the Glorias Naval School in Ninhue, in the Biobío region, to cast his vote.

Alfredo Sfeir was the last presidential candidate to cast his vote

The representative of the Green Ecologist Party voted at the Glorias Navales School in Ninhue, Eighth Region.

From Our Minds

Sfeir FILM

Documental | 10 capítulos con el mensaje del maestro Alfredo Sfeir-Younis – Dzambling Cho Tab Khen. Capítulo nuevo cada semana.

How Long!

How long are we going to be at war?

We Are On Fire

Without internal fire there is no life, with malicious external fire we are taking our lives.

A Call To Humanity

There is only one condition to safeguard a common shared future for humanity: the self-realization of mutuality with all sentient beings and nature. This is called Neljor Sa: “The Yoga of Nature”.

Life Is A Constant Meditation


2023 World Peace Day

Peace is not a thing, it is a state of individual and collective Being! Of peace, in peace, for peace.

Meditation For World Peace

A message from Alfredo Sfeir-Younis – Dzambling Cho Tab Khen


As long as I can walk I will walk

For A Planetary Spiritual Awakening

For the first time in human history we are living in a planetary civilization.


Con énfasis en el autoconocimiento dan inicio a la II escuela de salud y bienestar de Vicuña

Control de ansiedad y sueño desde la naturopatía, yoga, chi kung, terapia holística, propiedades y atributos de la lavanda, son algunos de los temas que se han visto y se verán, durante esta semana de charlas y talleres.



Universal Principles That Will Guide Humanity in This Millennium: Changing Our Narrative as a Human Race

The realization that we are one with all sentient beings and nature. That we experience the Planet Earth as a truly live entity: energy, behavior, memory and consciousness. In search of unity among communities, countries, and with all forms of life on this planet. The calculus of consent and welfare is to change now.

Final Moment Sutra “Let’s Put It Inside Our Bowl”

I’ve heard them say That Shakyamuni Buddha Went into a process To ‘untie’ himself fully.


It is inadmissible for the government to propose the handing over of “perpetual rights” to water.

Essays & Columns

My 100 Days Of Solitude

I have lived my 100 Days of Solitude. A person, a generation, and not just one country, I also experienced history, internal intrigues, millions of utopias, some illusions and an internal journey towards the true reality of the Self.

Holiday greetings by Alfredo Sfeir-Younis.

The rhythm of time continues without stopping. Time goes in one direction only. We must construct a new future, and it is up to us all to determine the quality of that future.

The Great Sower and The Great Soweress of the Universe

The Great Sower and The Great Sower of the Universe have once again allowed me to continue working with that plow that builds the furrow of time: unique, hopeful and committed. My infinite gratitude to them, and I hope I deserve the privilege of life.

Metta Consciousness: The Power of Transmission, and Human Transformation

The Power of Transmission is an essential trait of this new millennium.

Preventing The Collapse of Multilateralism: Towards a Value Based Planetary Governance

Today’s multilateralism is at a crossroads. It needs to be brought and oriented to the real nature and character of the 21st century: the power of citizenry, the planetary human collective, and the rights-based society.

Constitutional Changes: Towards a Sustainable Citizen Society

As a Chilean, I am one of those who sees the need for a new constitution.

COVID-19: Social Isolation as an Opportunity to Develop Guidelines for Your Own Well-being

Today I would like to focus on two aspects of this social isolation: (i) share some ideas that will help you live in this isolation (find the meaning of this “prison”), with emphasis on developing guidelines for your own well-being and (ii) do some practices to increase the productivity of time and silence.

From tax reform to a new form of fiscal spending

The tax reform has several pending tests that it must pass. One of them is related to its possible impact on the sustainable and harmonious development of Chile. It is striking that this has not yet been extensively debated, since the so-called green taxes are only one aspect of said dimension.

The time has come for the long-awaited tax reform

I congratulate the government for the commitment and speed with which it has advanced on very important ideas and proposals that are part of the presidential term of the next four years. One of these proposals, and perhaps the Achilles’ Heel of everything that will be feasible to carry out in this and future governments, is the Tax Reform


If the Constitution does not have a very strong chapter on the environment, there is no future for Chile

He is finishing writing a book on Buddhism and overcoming a fire in his field in Ninhue, where the economist and ecologist has lived since the pandemic.

Human Being, Nature and Spirituality

Interview by Luis González from Aquarius en Línea

The Time Is Now


Water Scarcity: The Chilean Pandemic

Quality and Quantity of Water. There are two words that are frequently used.

If we use the male paradigm to measure female entrepreneurship, we are lost.

In the webinar “Our encounter with collective femininity through Entrepreneurship” the importance of women within organizations, in the world of entrepreneurship and at a global level was highlighted.

Reflections on Collective Fear

For hundreds of years, various people have written about how dominant groups have generated collective fears of various kinds, thus allowing an environment conducive to the subjection of people to an enslaving system.
Alfredo Sfeir, Economist, Ecologist and Spiritual Leader, shares his reflections on the matter, along with various data that he has been researching and gathering in the course of his own search for social transformation.

The latent water crisis that we analyze in Hola Chile

Together with the geologist Christian Salazar and the former environmentalist presidential candidate, Alfredo Sfeir. We analyze the current panorama of our country in the face of drought.

Alfredo Sfeir’s life advice

The economist and spiritual leader told us more about his activities, also giving some advice for a better life. You can’t miss his words!

Working Together


Chile recognizes its indissoluble relationship with nature as an intrinsic and inalienable constitutional value. Because people and communities are inseparably interdependent with nature, the State establishes and promotes a harmonious balance between citizens and nature.

Conscious Local Economy

When I speak of local economy or local development, I am not just talking about the rural. This discussion and propositions can be useful in local development within urban and rural areas. It applies to both.


International Inauguration of Borobudur

The Temple of Heaven on Earth
Ngalso Healing Meditation Center

Open Lecture: Conscious and Sustainable Leadership

2021 at the Facultad de Comunicaciones UC


What will the Regional Assemblies be? A citizen conversation about effective and binding participation for sustainable regional development with Alfredo Sfeir Younis, environmental economist.

Sustainability and Responsibility Through Conscious Communication

Conference by Alfredo Sfeir Younis for Floridano.

Let’s Sow A New Path For El Maule

We at El Maule bring great hope to children and we give children hope, because they deserve a good future, because children deserve quality of life

The other way







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