We Are On Fire

We Are On Fire

Without inner fire, there is no life as we know it; with malicious outer fire we are killing ourselves.

If you are very far from the fire, you will get very cold; if you are too near to the fire, you will burn.

Fire is only contaminated by negative thoughts and actions. Once contaminated, humanity will cease to exist.

Fire will go after those who are coming after us with fire.

Just as wisdom is born from our inner spark, disaster surges when there's outer fire.

Just as fire can be transformed into eternal life, its misuse transforms our lives in infinite hell.

The governance of our inner fire is a source of divine sustenance. The mismanagement of the outer fire is poison to our human existence.

Stripping a family of their possessions through fire, will strip you of your inner fire forever. Your soul will become a block of polar ice.

As a Mayan Priest, I know our Father Fire, intimately; He would never willingly burn a sentient being.

Fire is the source of all light. By setting fire maliciously you become the source of your own hell.

You cannot rejoice in the ashes of other beings. Rejoice by seeing them on the path to enlightenment.

It just takes a match to burn an entire forest, but it takes millions of gallons of water to extinguish just one burning tree.

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